As a leader, over the years I've developed an approach to working with teams based on my own commitments to nonviolence and welcoming people to show up as whole beings. We worked together, established a shared understand and worked towards a shared purpose. We were able to explore more fully the talents available to us, as individuals and then as a cohesive unit.

Inviting All Voices: Collaborative Leadership for Diverse Teams is a 4 session online class, sharing practical ways of working that support a new paradigm--one that values full inclusion of all the voices you need to support your best work, aligned with your best values.


We will look at how consciousness raising tools, like nonviolent communication, collaboration, and co-creation can support establishing ways of working that welcome people showing up fully. We will look at practical tools to create a culture of welcome and engagement that invite diverse voices to step into collaboration and leadership.


You might have tried similar approaches. You might have initiated change. Here's a place to get support.