Who We Are

About Leonie Smith and The Thoughtful Workplace

How I Changed My Relationship to Work and Life

For many years I struggled to find ways of working in cultures that I found challenging. Their toxicity and approaches to work were disempowering, ineffective, and demoralising. I counted myself among the working wounded. So much of my life was designed around dealing with the stresses of work. 
Tired of being tired, I searched for a more principled approach to working.  Along the way I learned about nonviolence, nonviolent communication, and sociocracy. Learning about these different modalities and integrating them into my own principled way of living, I changed my relationship to work and life.
I created The Thoughtful Workplace specifically to share with leaders, regardless of where they are in the organisation, a way of integrating principles of mutuality and respect in the day to day life of organisations.

My Mission: The Thoughtful Workplace

So often we struggle in all areas of our life to bridge the gap between what we want and what we have now. This is also true in the workplace.   


Peers struggle to get their point across to peers. Managers struggle to find the right way get team members on the same page. Teams lose time and energy that lead to compromised decisions, increased stress and sick leave and potential unfulfilled. 


At the Thoughtful Workplace our focus is on supporting individuals, teams and organisations to move forward together to get work done. We do this in three ways:


  1. people-centered approaches for communication within and across teams;

  2. systems and administration design;

  3. and integrated learning.  


You have all the talent that you need. Let us help you leave nothing on the table and create a culture where every voice matters.